Tom Jones – 1998

Back in 1998 I was lucky enough to see Tom Jones in a smaller venue, The Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL.

I always enjoyed those shows with the mix of older fans and their youngin’s with them.

John Fogerty – 1998

John Fogerty is one of those artists who you don’t always remember his songs until the opening rift. Then you sing your ass off. He also rocks in concert.

Image from: July 26, 1996 – The New World Theatre
Tinley Park, IL

Gene Simmons – Kiss

Part of the beauty of the rock band Kiss is that they never appear to age. I mean, how could they with the makeup? Take Gene Simmons, still looks the same!

There have certainly been some changes through the years, especially as they appear to be on their last tour, but in terms of rock entertainment, they are right up near the top.

Image from 1996 – The Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois

Dennis DeYoung – Styx – 1997

While I have seen Styx post Dennis DeYoung, I was lucky enough to see the band on their final tour with Dennis out front. While that show didn’t have anything off of “Mr. Roboto” an album I weirdly really like, it was great to see them rockin’ together.

Image from The Grand Illusion tour, June 6, 1997
The Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois

David Bowie – 1995

David Bowie once toured with Nine Inch Nails. Yes, it was back in 1995, and I was lucky enough to get clearance.

The bummer part was that Bowie had the flu that night. He had to cut his set short, but damn them man gave it his all while he could.

Never got to to see the man in later years. Still bummed I didn’t get a full show, but completely understand.

Richardson & Kilman

As I go through my old photographs to post them here, I get to revisit wonderful events like this thing called Blarney Fest. Back in 1996 it included Cathy Richardson being joined on stage by the great Buzz Kilman!

Billy Joe Armstrong – Green Day – 2005

Back in 2005 Billy Joe Armstrong, during Green Day’s concert in support of American Idiot, hoped the Bears would win the Super Bowl, both the Cubs and White Sox would win the World Series, and he hoped that the Bulls would get Michael Jordan back.

Well, the White Sox obliged quickly, it took a while for the Cubs to fulfill the hopes of Billy, and the Bears, well, still waiting for that next Super Bowl win. The hope for Michael Jordan to come back to the Bulls, well, that was a hope that really had no chance of being