Rammstein – 1998

Back in 1998 I took a trip, back to Ohio, to see the Family Values Tour.

I got to visit with my parents and see a dude, Till Lindemann from the band Rammstein, be on fire and shoot lasers like a Borg from Star Trek.

It was awesome. The band kicked ass.

(Image from my Entertainment Ave! archives – The Family Values Tour – 1998)

Elton John – 1998

Elton John is still on his final tour, or at least final, major tour. Titled the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, it started back in 2018, got sidelined by the pandemic, and is gearing up again.

If all goes well Mr. John will be traveling around the globe through 2023.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo from Elton in 1998, from my Entertainment Ave! concert archives.

(Image from: Elton John in Concert – August, 1998)

Summer Fun – Jimmy Buffett 1998

Jimmy Buffet in concert - June, 1998

For a reminder of summer fun, today we reminisce with some Jimmy Buffett.

Full-blown summer fun will return, probably next year, but we all have to do our part.

(Image from: Jimmy Buffett in concert, June 25, 1998
The New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL)

Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters – 1998

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters from 1998

Ahh, Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl. Many times people will look at bands or singers of the current day and wonder who will be around in twenty or so years.

I’m guessing, back in 1998, that there were many folks who would have bet a lot of money the fighters of foo would stick around.

Thank God they have!

(Image from: Q101 Jamboree, May 23, 1998
The New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL)