Smoky Cocktail

With your weekend in full force, may I suggest a bit of relaxation!

Whatever your choice, mine may be an Observation Peak, a creation I discovered while at Park Distillery in Banff, Canada. The key to this wonderful drink is their Glacier Rye and the cedar smoke.

My attempt is always good, but never as good as theirs!

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Daniel Johns from Silverchair

Back in the 1990’s there was a little ol’ band from Australia called Silverchair. Their front man was Daniel Johns, and back in 1999, Daniel was a young lad of just 20 years old.

In case you might be wondering, or reminiscing, Daniel is still making music. You can find all things Mr. Johns at

(Image from: Q101 Jamboree – 1999
The New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL)

Beating the Storm

A few years ago, while on a layover in Germany, I was worried we weren’t going to be able to take off for a while.

Yup, the skies showed a storm was a coming, and it was time to go, and for the plane I saw outside our window, it was time to land!

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Let Your Heart Glow

Sometimes you just need to let your heart glow, even if it is just a hot air balloon.

(Image from: 2019 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta)

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Rush in Concert- 1996

When people think a band needs a lot of members to create an enormous sound, shake your head and point them to Rush.

In honer of Neil Peart’s birthday the other day, enjoy one of my favorite concert pictures of Rush, the trio of Neil, Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson, from 1996.

(Image from: Rush, in concert, October 28, 1996.
The United Center, Chicago, Illinois)

Coming to a Close

Another weekend is coming to a close. May your day be peaceful and end in a beautiful way!

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A Smile When Needed

I was walking, not really in a great mood, when I saw this button on the ground.

I smiled.

I thought of picking up the button, but then I left it there in case someone else might need a smile.

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Rob Thomas – Matchbox 20 – 1997

Matchbox 20 is a band I can say I saw them before they were huge. I was able to interview the band before they hit the big stages, when they were getting ready for their show at a little venue called Schuba’s in Chicago, Illinois.

I learned that Rob Thomas‘ first vehicle, a blue pick-up truck, was repossessed at a gig, and to be leery of old dudes, in trucks, carrying golf clubs.

(Image from: The Riviera Theater, Chicago, Illinois – November 4, 1997)

Highest Perch

A lot of times blackbirds get a bad wrap for being, well, ugly. This striking blackbird, maybe a grackle, but I could be wrong, finds itself upon the highest perch it can find, proudly showing they can be beautiful.

Sadly it wasn’t singing.

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