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  • Solitary Run

    Solitary Run

    A man enjoys a solitary run on a beach. (Image taken April 18, 2015, from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

  • A Standoff

    A Standoff

    On a walk one day, there it came, a deer, walking our way. I was further back, but the man up ahead and his dog had a decision to make. Luckily the deer decided to head back into the woods and we all went on our way. (Image taken June 19, 2014, at the Cricket…

  • Reaching for the Sun

    Reaching for the Sun

    Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a flower trying to catch all the rays of the afternoon sun.

  • Welcome to Image By Andy!

    Welcome to Image By Andy!

    … if you want more of the story behind my photos, learn of new NFTs I’ve created, and other things Image by Andy, this is the place!..

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