A Canadian flag between two trees.

Congrats Canada!

A Canadian flag between two trees.

Canada has been in the news lately, at least here in the United States. Sure, there is that whole “opening the borders to vaccinated people in the US” thing. Yup, us United Staters can go vacation in the land up north.

The other news, for me, was hearing the Canadian Women’s Soccer team won the gold medal in the Olympics. Sure, that was a few weeks ago, but I still think about it a bit.


Because before this whole COVID thing arrived, my wife and I planned to go to the Olympics in Tokyo. One of the events we had tickets for was the Women’s Gold Medal Soccer match. We felt fairly confident in the United States team making it to the gold medal match, but, alas, the virus came. Yup, no Olympic dream trip for us, and low and behold, we would have been cheering on the Canadians since the US women’s team didn’t quite make it to the gold match.

So, congrats Canada! I’m happy to see I can go visit you should I desire, and more than that, congrats on a well-deserved gold medal in women’s soccer!

(Image from the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, July, 2018)