My first NFT, although I'm calling it NFT 0

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My first NFT, although I'm calling it NFT 0
Emerging From the Snow
My first NFT, on Mintable!

Back in January of 2021, I heard about these things called NFTs. Kind of slow to the hype, I started reading about them and hearing the news. I wondered if I should put anything out there on NFT land.

I also wondered about posting other pictures, other than those for sale as NFTs, just to post them.

And so Image By Andy was born.

The plan? Take some of my photographs and put them on the NFT marketplace. I figured I would try to add some animation to some of them. Cool, huh? Others would just be posted as photographs.

I also thought it might be nice to have a place to highlight some of my other photographs. Also cool, huh? Usually I just popped them on my Flickr page for randomness to find.

The Flickr site will still be active, but if you want more of the story behind my photos, learn of new NFTs I’ve created, and other things Image by Andy, this is the place!

So, enjoy the images and buy the NFTs while they are reasonable priced. Someday I’ll be more famous, and they’ll be worth a lot more!.

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